Creative Artwork

Do you need creative artwork support?

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If you would like advice, support, training or creative artwork check out the different ways I can offer these services to help support your brands, clients and projects and be part of your team.

I am a creative artworker and I work with creatives to realise the essence of the design to the printed pack and for web and online use.

For many years designers in London agencies or brand owners have trusted me to create artwork for their products or services. The trick is to maintain the exciting approved design concept when applied to the restricted world of (often 4 colour) print. Creative artwork is more than simply converting a file into a printable document.

Rates and pricing guide below.

Creative artwork for packaging rates and 3D CGI images pricing. If you have a large project in mind please get in touch for a quote.

Creative Artwork:
£250 / day – hourly billing available on projects.

Please contact me for a quote as most requests for a pack visual are unique, however, a general guideline on costs are below.

Based on a single pack visual:

Generic model like a can, tube, bottle I have in my library (free).

Bespoke pack requiring modelling: £250 – one-off fee, becomes yours.

Applying artwork / graphics to pack: £100 (first one).
Artwork / graphics variants to range using same pack format: £25 / artwork.
Note: complex artworks with foils, embosses and ink effects may cost more as it takes longer to set up.

Renders: £50 / shot.

Pricing example 1
A single pack visual on a generic can or tube model with supplied 2D artwork would cost: £150
Setup £100, render £50.

3D can render x1 image

Pricing example 2
A single render showing 4 product variants on a generic can or tube model with supplied 2D artwork would cost: £225
Setup 1 pack £100, 3 variants £75, render £50.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about I can help.

3D can render x4 image