UAL Digital Graphic Design - digital challenges

Click on the links to view the step by step video for each digital challenge.
You will need a password and this will be given at the end of each weeks teaching session.

These training videos are meant as an extra resource to the Digital Graphic Design course and accessible once your course has finished.
If you are stuck please email me directly using the Contact email below, these videos are maintained by me (Graham) not UAL.
You can also watch the recorded sessions from the live classroom once it is uploaded from the UAL website if you are currently taking our course.

  • Digital Challenge-1 - Adobe Illustrator

    Lets go!
  • Digital Challenge-2 - Adobe Photoshop

    Lets go!
  • Digital Challenge-3 - Adobe InDesign

    Lets go!

  • If you are interrested in learning more about our course click on the link below.

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