Static can be beautiful but sometimes it just needs to move!



A personal project to learn animation in Blender. I worked with the design agency POPP STUDIO to create the can artworks for 2 variants.

After creating the artwork for the cans I then modelled the 2 variants in Blender and visualised using a simple HDRI studio lighting setup.

Taking one of the cans I changed the lighting setup - using the great lighting presets from LiandiCGI as a base - and created an animation based around illuminating graphic bubbles, with shapes set to have an emission lighting applied, and controlling the movements as if they were bubbles rising within a liquid.

Part of the project is to evoke a Fizz experience of Prosecco without using the word Prosecco. I think POPP has done a great job to convey this with the bold fizzy graphics. I felt this was a good project to imagine how I could bring life to the can visually and add a little bubble glow.

Fizz anyone?